In the following video, you can see Vuototecnica 02 40 42 bellows suction cups used in a robotic gripper set for palletizing water crates.

The robot picks up both the water packs and the interlayers for dividing the pallet levels: the suction cups are used for the interlayers while the rest is managed, in this case, by a traditional gripping hand.

As you can see, in spite of the porosity of the interlayers, the system proposed by Vuototecnica succeeds in singularising the gripping, due to its configuration but also due to the compound used for the suction cups.

A solution that the designers created specifically for this production scenario and offers the possibility of various customizations based on application problems.

In fact, Vuototecnica in Beverate di Brivio (LC) has a specific test and inspection area to ensure these types of manipulations with porous products (and more!).

To learn more, contact Vuototecnica designers at


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