We had to wait until 2022 to return to the fair with the same enthusiasm and interest as in the past, indeed, perhaps even more aware of how important it is to provide opportunities for customers and manufacturers to meet.

The confirmation of the goodness of these meetings came from the last fair Vuototecnica attended: Ipack-Ima, dedicated to processing and packaging in food and non-food field, held May 3-6, 2022 in Milan.

The fair proved once and for all that the technological revolution must necessarily pass through a network of suppliers and manufacturers whose focus is on energy sustainability and at heart environmental impact as well as the safety and efficiency of solutions.

As you already know, Vuototecnica has been working side-by-side with packaging industries for more than 40 years to provide efficient gripping, vacuum generation and vacuum testing solutions, with an eye always open in favor of sustainability (economic and environmental).

Being able, therefore, to speak with close partners and new potential customers was an opportunity to reiterate these concepts as well as to present new products including a testing device designed specifically for testing coffee capsules (ATC01) capable of detecting even minimal air leaks, micro-holes and imperfect sealing.

As well as the new Octopus PH and P2H system gripper plates specially designed for de-palletizing open containers, jars, cans and tins.

If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to meet Vuototecnica staff, please keep up to date with upcoming events: www.vuototecnica.net


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