There has been much talk about food packaging because of new European packaging regulations to eliminate polluting plastics as much as possible.

The same is true for liquids, for which there seems to be increasing interest in reuse and returnable packaging. The European goal is to reduce waste by 15 percent in each country by 2040.

There is, however, an even earlier limit, set at 2030: 20 percent of take-away beverage sales must be served in reusable packaging or customer containers, a percentage that must rise to 80 percent in 2040.

For that matter, consumers are becoming increasingly aware and they are trying to limit plastic packaging: it appears that over the past year 65% of Italian households bought a product because it had sustainable packaging and 19% stopped buying one because the packaging was not considered sustainable.

It is clear that these revolutions also have an impact on production and logistics. That’s why Vuototecnica, always attentive to market trends and sustainability, has been working on a special application of its flagship product, the Octopus vacuum system equipped with PH and P2H series gripper tops, for palletizing and de-palletizing empty and open cans, made of glass or other materials.

While for other gripping devices the recess of the jars might make the operation difficult, with Octopus the reliability of t holding and the total immobility of the jars are assured.

A plus is that the well-known flexibility of Octopus makes it possible to take jars of different opening diameters without having to change the gripping plate.

To view technical drawings, you can download 3D CADs online at TraceParts or contact Vuototecnica designers at


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