Gripping chocolate pralines with different heights automatic compensation


In this video, you can see the automated pick and place of chocolate pralines performed by one of our customers.

With this application, we observe an efficiency that was previously not accessible; thanks to the use of Vuototecnica vacuum cylinders, for gripping and releasing at very high rate.

Customer satisfaction is, first, the ability to center the preformed containers perfectly, with a firm grip, even at a very high speed, as you can see.

However, let us remember also the further advantages that Vuototecnica cylinders can ensure, for example, the duration over time of the components and easy maintenance. The cylinders are in fact made of anodized aluminum with the bushing for the piston rod sliding made in self-lubricating polymer.

cilindri-a-vuotoThe cylinders operation is simple. They have a front chamber in vacuum and a rear chamber at atmospheric pressure. The higher the pressure difference between the two rooms, the greater the thrust of the piston and the ride of the piston rod out with the suction cup.

As soon as the suction cup takes the praline, the anti-rotary piston rod connected to the piston returns to the initial position abruptly, and the cycle is repeated.

Vuototecnica vacuum cylinders are therefore appreciated by manufacturers of delta robots, for being able to automatically compensate for different heights of pralines to be taken; essential function for those who must take small objects in the shortest possible time.

In this specific case, the vacuum cylinders were equipped with Vuototecnica FDA silicone suction cups in accordance to the food industry and designed for adapting to the irregular surface of pralines.

To know the vacuum cylinders and other Vuototecnica applications, download the catalogue on


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