To improve efficiency and increase revenues, Italian manufacturing companies invest in technologies, but what is most important, now evident, is the ability to extend technological investments to the entire product life cycle – from concept to after-sales services – to finally enrich the end customer’s experience.

An Accenture survey of 90 Italian companies (40 large and 50 small and medium-sized companies) in 22 sectors shows this very well.

The strategic priorities of investments in digital technologies are to develop innovative products and services (64%), to adopt technologies profitably (58%), to enter new markets (58%), to increase customer involvement (53%).

Italian manufacturing companies are indeed well positioned in the world market thanks to the high quality of the products and this makes them 4.0 companies.

For these reasons too, Vuototecnica knows that investing in technology is the first step to make its customers happy and to always grow.

To find out about Vuototecnica’s latest news and investments, you can talk with the designers through the website:


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