Would you like to see how the Octopus bar can improve grip when installed on board an anthropomorphic robot? Then don’t miss this video showing one of the many successful applications achieved with Vuototecnica’s vacuum solutions.

As you know, Octopus is an innovative and versatile vacuum gripping system that allows you to pick and place objects of different shapes, sizes, materials and with different surface finishes, even irregular ones.
It consists of a grooved support plate made of anodised aluminium, one or more pneumatic vacuum generators and a suction plate made of spongy rubber or with suction cups. Octopus adapts to the load to be picked, even when this occupies only 5% of the gripping surface, and ensures a secure and stable grip.

In the video, you can see the advantages that a boiler manufacturer obtained by deciding to replace the suction cup gripping hand previously used with an Octopus bar from Vuototecnica.
The decision to install Octopus on an anthropomorphic robot was made after carrying out gripping tests at the Beverate di Brivio plant, where the customer was able to discuss with the technical department and find the solution best suited to his needs.

The Octopus bar ensured an extremely firm grip of the boilers, despite their convex shape, resulting in precise positioning of the parts, something that could not be achieved with the bellows suction cups previously used.

In addition, the speed and quality of the gripping and handling process increased, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

This is just one of many satisfying examples from those who embraced Vuototecnica’s vacuum solutions.
If you too would like to find out how vacuum can improve your production, contact the designers at www.vuototecnica.net.


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