In industry, it seems absurd, creativity hardly ever seems to find adequate space. If people talk about creativity, they do so only with regard to design or marketing choices, whereas in reality Vuototecnica knows that it is a fundamental feature in all stages of work, from design, to the getting into shape of equipment, through daily production methods, to the steps of final packaging and presentation to the public.

In this case, inspiration from the great personalities of the past can act as a stimulus.
That is why studying the lives of unconventional artists such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and J.K.Rowling, as well as great out-of-the-box entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Coco Chanel, serves as a stimulus to learn how to think in a novel way and overcome scheduled framing, which makes us, yes, efficient, but also sterile in the long run.

“Stay hungry, stay fool,” incited students Steve Jobs in one of his famous lectures. His words, of course, echoed concrete innovation work carried out by the entrepreneur and which enabled him to achieve success in a variety of fields from a simple provincial garage. Some of this makeshift garage madness also infected Italian companies in the 1970s, a period when Vuototecnica took its first steps. And we should never forget it in this world where efficiency almost always wins out over creativity.

Vuototecnica makes this value its workhorse, trying to disrupt what are the most widespread beliefs about the limits and peculiarities of vacuum management and creation and its applications in different industrial fields.

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