Even before being a compendium of the company’s wide range of products and solutions, Vuototecnica’s Vacuum Solutions catalogue is first and foremost a tome of value direction.

The 900 pages of this volume were not created overnight: Vuototecnica’s design capability was born above all from the continuous dialogue with customers in the direction of problem solving.

The greatest inventors in history started from the same perspective: trying to solve a need felt to be fundamental to the comfort, growth, and gain of individuals and societies.

Thomas Edison, best known for creating the first electric light bulb, started from the need to overcome the physical limitations of oil lamps, both in terms of the use of individuals and in more general economic terms, when he began work on the idea.

The problem-solving spirit of Grace Hopper, a computer scientist and U.S. Navy admiral, led her to the programming of the first computers with a creative and entirely new approach. Much of her research led us to the many devices we have in our hands all the time today. The same is true of Ada Lovelace, a mathematician who made great contributions to writing algorithms for programming.

And in general, problem solving is one of the characteristics most present in the temperament makeup of the great personalities of the past and present. Problem solving is an elementary human need and helps us live better.
If you, too, want to live better in your industrial applications, feel free to browse the online catalogue at www.vuototecnica.net or on TraceParts (3D CAD).


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