What makes experience is always courage. Think of Marco Polo, a well-known Italian merchant and traveler who explored China and Asia in the thirteenth century when the connections and knowledge about that faraway world were not yet available to most people. So did Ernest Shackleton, British explorer, when it came to getting to Antarctica in the early 1900s.

We should also have such a spirit in everyday life, in the workplace, so that the weeks do not pass in monotony, without a strong motivation to grow and improve, without something worth going on for.

If you believe that you are not made for adventure, even in the small daily pitfalls, reasoning about how some great people like Helen Keller faced insurmountable physical difficulties may perhaps change your perspective.
An American writer and activist who was born deaf and blind, she was able over time to learn to write and communicate as even some able-bodied people were unable to do.

Mahatma Gandhi, among paradigmatic examples, is known for his inner strength in human rights struggles with non-violent civil disobedience, as is Nelson Mandela, South African leader against apartheid, who fought strenuously, risking his own life, against racism.

Experience is thus created over time, it is true, but time is not enough. Since its founding, Vuototecnica has relied on the courage to innovate with the awareness that it is on the road that we fall, and we get back up stronger than others, truly leaving our mark.

The many years of activity of the company based in Beverate di Brivio have certainly allowed it to accumulate valuable know-how for the satisfaction of customers’ needs, but all this would not have been useful if there had not been something else: the desire to gain direct experience, in the field, in different application sectors.

Do you also believe in the need for courageous experience in life and in the work environment? Tell the Vuototecnica designers about it at www.vuototecnica.net


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