Bernoulli suction cups: it’s not magic, it’s a project

In the video below you can see Vuototecnica Bernoulli suction cups in the handling of rusks.

Vacuum cylinders for the printing / packaging industry

Today we introduce this application of Vuototecnica vacuum cylinders dedicated to operators in the printing / packaging industry, to press, and to...

Octopus handling all packaging formats

As you already know, regular readers of our blog, Octopus customization pushed to the maximum point thanks to the realization of gripping...

Moving glass jars from the pallet to the conveyor belt is simple with Octopus

Moving object files to and from pallets is not easy. Palletizing objects from different types of pallets...
Auguri di Natale

Vuototecnica wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy 2019!

Christmas holidays and the end of the year are approaching, and the thought is running for the last twelve months. The year 2018 was particularly important for Vuototecnica, full of new products, contacts and cutting-edge solutions.


Vuototecnica contributes to energy savings

At the basis of an energetically efficient production process and highest performances there is an optimized manipulation solution. Vuototecnica knows it well, so any application...

Flowpacks handling and energy saving

You can see new 01 30 45 S bellow suction cups in action in the video below. A Vuototecnica customer – a well-known italian...

Investing in technologies for final customer satisfaction

To improve efficiency and increase revenues, Italian manufacturing companies invest in technologies, but what is most important, now evident, is the ability to extend...