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Vuototecnica for industrial robotics: the leading products

The robot manufacturers know that to adapt to the wide variety of tasks required in the industrial field is not enough to produce fast robots, with little bulk and flexibility but it must also ensure a good grip of the objects to be manipulated.

Vuototecnica allows maximum efficiency in this field, thanks to the application of vacuum to robots. Consider together the leading products and we suggest that you contact Vuototecnica engineers to have more support concerning your products or services.

We start with Vuototecnica vacuum generators, which are characterized by their light weight and compactness, and easy assembly, directly on the machine.

Ipack-Ima_18This is the case, for example, of FVG (Fast Vacuum Generator), perfect on board of the small flexible picker. FVG makes it possible to grip and to release at very high frequency and it can generate a counter blow in the suction cup.

For applications that require a high frequency of grip and release and at the same time maximum precision, Vuototecnica vacuum cylinder allow a stable grip and are most appreciated for Delta robots because they compensate automatically the different heights of the objects to be taken: essential function for those who must handle small objects in the shortest possible time.

What happens, instead, when we are dealing with inclined surfaces or we need to spin some details? To manipulate curved and uneven surfaces, such as car bodies or molded plastic parts, Vuototecnica articulated joints (GSV and GSVF) recreate the flexibility of the human body, allowing to rotate the installed suction cup 360 degrees and tilt on its axis up to 35 degrees to fit and lock it correctly with respect to the surface of the object to be taken. They are recommended on grippers and on all EOAT (End of arm tooling) where there is a need for adaptation of the suction cup with convex, concave or shaped surfaces.

Vuototecnica guarantee a long lifespan of the components and easy maintenance. All products allow a large energy savings and are made of high quality materials. Read more: www.vuototecnica.netRobot-giunti

Vuototecnica micro digital vacuum switches: control instruments at very high efficiency

micro_vacuostati_digitaliWhen it is necessary to produce a signal upon reaching a certain degree of vacuum, for safety reasons, for the start of a working cycle or simply to control the grip of the suction cups, Vuototecnica proposes its digital micro vacuum switches.

Perfect for the control of dry air and non-corrosive gases, they are able to provide a very accurate digital signal, to the established value.

To adjust the switching point, just use the adjustment screw on the top of the unit; a red LED, near the screw, indicates the status of the digital signal switching. A very intuitive operation for everyone.

The micro vacuum switches are made of polycarbonate and are constituted by a sensor, an electric circuit and a connector (or a small aluminum collector) with the vacuum connections.

You can request the product in its rotating version, to be able to steer you in the desired position without having to unscrew the vacuum connection.

The connection to the vacuum can be performed via M5 connections, male or female, while the electrical connection via the three-conductor cable wires.

To view data sheets and get more information:

Choosing The Right Octopus

9_008We saw the benefits of Vuototecnica Octopus many times on this blog. The biggest advantage is undoubtedly the fact that you can only change the suction plate for different applications.

The customer then has the option to choose between different suction plates. Here you go.

9_010Standard, on all systems Octopus, are provided PX or P2X plates, covered with a special perforated foam rubber, of two different thicknesses: 15 mm, for the suction plates of the PX series; 30 mm, for special suction plates P2X.

9_009However, it is possible to request, to save energy, even suction plates with shut-off valves inserted in each hole. The shut-off valves, in the absence of the object to be taken or with a faulty grip of the foam rubber, automatically close the intake, preventing the lowering of the degree of vacuum on the remaining holes.

9_012Vuototecnica has also designed special suction plates (PY and P2Y), which have the characteristic to develop, with the same gripping surface, greater strength and to “get a grip” on rough and very irregular surfaces; and also special suction plates (PZ and P2Z), similar to the above, but which, among all, develop the most lifting force with the same gripping surface and the same degree of vacuum. They are made of light alloys and lined with a special perforated sponge rubber, of two different thicknesses.

9_017In order to facilitate the grip of all products with very irregular and flexible surfaces, instead, such as bulk products bags, blisters, skin-film or cardboard boxes, difficult to be handled by suction plates coated with foam rubber, Vuototecnica designed plates with suction cups. The recommended suction cups are the bellows one, able to adapt to all gripping surfaces, following the outlines and movements during lifting, ensuring an easy and secure grip.

Finally, PJ suction plates allow the taking of bags of paper or plastic, containing powders, granules, bulk or liquid products. The particular shapes of the gasket and of the supporting surface let you restrict deformation of the bag during the intake, reducing to a minimum the losses of vacuum and by ensuring the greatest possible gripping.

To be followed by our staff and to choose the suction plate more suitable for you:


Do you need to generate vacuum for your industrial applications?

Vuototecnica has been working for over than 40 years in the industry and offers solutions to all the needs in the field of vacuum generation.

We start from single-stage vacuum generators, based on the Venturi principle, for limited flow rates, right up to multi-stage generators that use compressed air kinetic energy supply, through appropriately sized ejectors in line, before releasing it in atmosphere. At constant flow rate, the latter allow a lower consumption of compressed air.

You can choose the generator depending on pack size that your application requires and on the location where you will install it (on the machine, on the gripping hands, etc …). PVP 05, PVP 2 and PVP 3 for example have the size of a one coin, but great performance!


Some generators, already with suction cups, are real independent gripping units, others are equipped with a vacuum gauge for a direct reading of the vacuum level or have a silencer for more sustainable work environments.

All models are available with ejector for a more rapid release of the suction cups and are easy to assemble and to maintain.
On the blog you can find descriptions of the most popular generators: GVMM series, FVG, MVG, AVG, PVR.


On Vacuum Solutions Catalogue you can also find diagrams and tables that will facilitate your choice: the amount of air sucked from the generators to different vacuum levels, time of evacuation of the generators at different vacuum levels, minimum internal pipe diameter, recommended for generators, and many other useful tools.

Flat round suction cups: perfect grip even on vertical surfaces

1_018 For handling delicate metal panels, Vuototecnica realized the flat round suction cups.

The biggest advantage of these suction cups is that they avoid the sliding on the surface of the load during the setting phase, thanks to their lip: slightly inclined, low and rugged.

The suction cups pads, as well as reducing the air volume, allow to create a support surface that prevents the deformation of the gripping surface and the load from slipping, even when raised in a vertical position.

1_028Flat round suction cups can be assembled without glue, on the anodized aluminum support and blocked by the relative metal ring.

Replace the suction cups is easy, you can also choose the most appropriate mix depending on weather conditions in which you work and the material to be handled.

Read more:

Giuliano Bosi wins the Confindustria award for the Industrial value

During the annual meeting of Confindustria Lecco-Sondrio, held on June 15 at the University Campus of Lecco, Giovanni Maggi, the outgoing president, and Cristina Galbusera, the new president of Confindustria Lecco-Sondrio, gave to eight entrepreneurs the certificates of merit and the gold medals for the Industrial value, in the presence of Vincenzo Boccia, the national president of Confindustria.

Among the excellence of the territory, Giuliano Bosi, founder of Vuototecnica, accepted the award with gratitude.

An award that symbolizes the impact of Vuototecnica on the territory, in 40 years of continuous research and attention to customer needs.

We devote the prize to those who have worked to make this possible.

Heavy packaging? Vuototecnica is the solution

Do you need to move very heavy cardboard boxes and packaging?

We suggest you take a look at the data-sheets of the newest suction cups with two bellows by Vuototecnica.

Ventose-packaging-gravosoThese suction cups are able to compensate for the gripping height with a greater recovery of the unevenness of the load to be lifted, and at the same time to ensure good seal and stability.

The lip of the suction cup, thick and strong, is designed with some suction canalizations, to ensure that adapts perfectly to the object to be picked up, even when the latter is not perfectly perpendicular to the axis of the suction cup.

Moreover the lip, so designed, is able to absorb tears and sudden accelerations, typical of the robotic movements.

The supports, made of anodized aluminum, are provided with a central threaded pin, male or female, to allow the aspiration and the fixing. The suction cups can be wedged on them, without the use of adhesives.

Vuototecnica-packaging-gravosoTo learn more and see if it’s the right product for you, to solve your problems, please contact the staff of Vuototecnica on

Vuototecnica at the Drupa exhibition in Düsseldorf: solutions for the graphics and industrial printing

drupa16_VuototecnicaVuototecnica is back from Düsseldorf, from the Drupa exhibition, the main event for the graphics and industrial printing, a reference for the entire printing industry.

10_015PA/PS pneumatic pumps, fixed on customer’s robots, aroused great public interest because of their characteristics.

They allow saving up to 40% of compressed air and 80% less noise (60-65dB). It is possible to determine the degree of vacuum (or pressure) and the flow rate in function of the supply air pressure and, if desired, to manage pumps with proportional valves for compressed air, to limit the consumption to the minimum, according to the characteristics of the paper.

In addition, the PA/PS pumps can also be installed on the machine and only need a periodic filter cleaning.

All qualities that the customers in Düsseldorf did not miss.

If you are interested in Vuototecnica solutions for the graphics industry, please read other post on products that we have already seen here on the blog: In particular:

– Vacuum cylinders with suction cups for scrolling through stacks of sheets, which separate the paper continuously and fast, in progression, without creating deformations or breakages on the surface;

1_145gruppo– BEC Bernoulli suction cups, without contact, for the separation and translation of particularly porous sheets, for which, in general, the contact with the suction cups or grippers would be problematic.

You will find a wide range of specific suction cups, too. To know all the solutions dedicated to printing and graphics, you can download the Vacuum solutions catalogue on

Automotive industry is growing: the quality is the secret of improvement

Italian car market, in spring, recorded an increase of 11, 5%, an important data compared to previous months. A sign that the industry is rising again and that manufacturers of the automotive industry responded proactively.

The prevailing response was directed towards the quality of products and of production steps.


Vuototecnica has been working collaboratively with companies in the automotive field for many years, to ensure an efficient robot handling of the sheet metal, glass and plastic parts for cars.

Vuototecnica-Auto-ApplicationWe have already seen on the blog some solutions designed for the industry:

  • Suction cups in BENZ compound, for gripping also into contact with oils, greases and petrols
  • AVG Vacuum generator, energy efficient, with a great vacuum generation speed in the suction cups mounted on board
  • Positionable articulated joints, highly flexible, for rotating the suction cup installed on them of 360 degrees and tilt on its axis up to 35 degrees; to fit and lock it correctly with respect to the surface of the object to be taken

Vuototecnica is able to act with each new customer as engineering partner to meet the needs of the vacuum generation and the handling of objects of any kind. Personalization is the key word.

To know our experts, you can schedule an appointment by calling: +39 039-5320561.

How to grip last generation Flow pack packaging faster and firm

In the video below, you can see in action Vuototecnica FVG vacuum generator (Fast Vacuum Generator)  and new silicone suction cups, specially designed for the taking of flow pack products.

Please note the speed of gripping and release of the snack packages from a conveyor belt to another.

FVG single-stage vacuum generator with ejector provides flexibility and reliability, at incredible speeds. As you notice, FVG can sustain high grip and release frequencies (<30 msec).

It is very light and you can also install it on the gripping hands; it is usually realized in anodized aluminum. May have a system, which can be excluded in some cases by the customer, for the generation of a counter blow in the suction cup when releasing.

012030The bellow suction cups complete the task flawlessly. They are able to compensate for the height and at the same time ensure stability. The lip tightness is very strong on flexible flow pack like those you see in the video, too, so the packaging is no longer a problem.

The lip was indeed designed specifically, with some suction canalizations, so that it adapts perfectly to the object to be taken.

To learn more, visit