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Come and see us in Germany and Poland

In September Vuototecnica has two very important events, in Poland and in Germany.

taropack-fachpackFrom September 26 to 29 will be at fair TAROPAK Poznań, at the stand of FUUTONLAB (Stand 60, Hall 3A).

If you prefer the German appointment, you can find the latest news at FachPack 2016, to be held in Nuremberg, September 27 to 29. The distributor MF Automation GmbH will host the applications of the products and will welcome you to present our latest solutions developed by our staff (stand 3-106, hall 3).

To learn more about the latest innovations being presented at the fair:

Taking different size sheets without vacuum (and time) waste

In the following video you can see in action a shifter with suction cups, in subjection to a punching machine for the unloading of the processed sheets.

You can see that, despite the format change of sheets, there are no hitches, and operational flexibility is guaranteed.

Vuototecnica suction cups in fact have a perfect seal and are activated only when they are actually resting on the plate.

2_026This is because they are connected to cup holders with built-in shut-off valves, which, in the absence of the object to handle, are able to automatically and hermetically close the suction section of the suction cup, allowing in this way that the flow rate of the vacuum source is concentrated only on the suction cups in grip, without undesirable lowering of the degree of vacuum.

The cup holders with mechanical feeler usually perform the same function but have a bug: they may activate the suction even when unfortunately the suction cup is resting in the vicinity of a hole or of a sheet metal cutting; resulting in a loss of air on the main vacuum circuit.

The cup holders with shut-off valves by Vuototecnica however not allow for this scenario and are much more efficient. Without vacuum  (and time) waste.

To learn more, contact Vuototecnica designers.

An incredible speed in taking and release ceramic tiles

In late September, in Rimini, there will be Tecnoargilla trade show and one of our customers will present the robot that you can see at work in the video, which deals with the production of ceramic mosaics.

Vuototecnica FVG vacuum generators and 08 30 24 A suction cups have been mounted on the robot. A winning combination, to speed up robot time of taking and release.

fvg3FVG ejector (Fast Vacuum Generator) provides flexibility and reliability in gripping, as you can see, at incredible speeds.

FVG is very light and compact, easy to install and has a large suction flow capacity, reasons why the customer decided to adopt him.

On FVG exists in addition the possibility of a defeatable system, for the generation of a counter-blow in the suction cup at the time of releasing the particular to manipulate.

083024_low08 30 24 A suction cup  ensures maximum stability of the ceramic tile, thanks to its internal labyrinthic support which also helps to limit the internal volume of the suction cup, thus minimizing the emptying times.

To learn more, visit

Or take part in the fair in Rimini to see them in action.

Italy: the robotics industry is growing

robot-export-italiaAccording to the UCIMU Association Italian machine tools, robots and automation, the Italian robotics industry recorded positive growth in 2015, with 1.5% more than in 2014, for a value of 528 million euro.

The only robot production grew by 4% and the predominant application area was confirmed to be the items manipulation, which drags the whole industry, selling a lot abroad.

A result that stimulates the robot and gripping systems manufacturers to continue in this direction.

Vuototecnica always strives to ensure vacuum gripping systems to suit any industrial application for robot manufacturers and industrial machinery.

To know the main products:

Production of pasta: how to keep constant the degree of vacuum inside of the extrusion matrix

Here you can see in action an industrial machine that kneads and extrudes pasta.

On the machine is installed a Vuototecnica vacuum reducer, that has the ability to maintain the vacuum constant, depending on the needs, within the extrusion matrix.

3_019This way, pasta comes out compact, with no air bubbles and cohesive to the matrix that gives it the shape.

The customer can establish in advance the ideal vacuum for extrusion, depending on the types of pasta generated. And all without the need of air into the primary circuit of the vacuum pump, that will operate so always at high degree of vacuum.

Vuototecnica is a pioneer in Italy in the production of vacuum reducers and it produces different types: with manual adjustment for low vacuum, and reducers with pneumatic adjustment, which can also be installed in a place away from the point of control and work through a pressure regulator on the control panel.

The vacuum is kept constant by Vuototecnica reducers even when there are fluctuations in the pump or in the depressor; atmospheric air never goes into circuits and thus prevent production which is deformed by too much depression.

To know all the models, you can browse the catalogue.

Vuototecnica for industrial robotics: the leading products

The robot manufacturers know that to adapt to the wide variety of tasks required in the industrial field is not enough to produce fast robots, with little bulk and flexibility but it must also ensure a good grip of the objects to be manipulated.

Vuototecnica allows maximum efficiency in this field, thanks to the application of vacuum to robots. Consider together the leading products and we suggest that you contact Vuototecnica engineers to have more support concerning your products or services.

We start with Vuototecnica vacuum generators, which are characterized by their light weight and compactness, and easy assembly, directly on the machine.

Ipack-Ima_18This is the case, for example, of FVG (Fast Vacuum Generator), perfect on board of the small flexible picker. FVG makes it possible to grip and to release at very high frequency and it can generate a counter blow in the suction cup.

For applications that require a high frequency of grip and release and at the same time maximum precision, Vuototecnica vacuum cylinder allow a stable grip and are most appreciated for Delta robots because they compensate automatically the different heights of the objects to be taken: essential function for those who must handle small objects in the shortest possible time.

What happens, instead, when we are dealing with inclined surfaces or we need to spin some details? To manipulate curved and uneven surfaces, such as car bodies or molded plastic parts, Vuototecnica articulated joints (GSV and GSVF) recreate the flexibility of the human body, allowing to rotate the installed suction cup 360 degrees and tilt on its axis up to 35 degrees to fit and lock it correctly with respect to the surface of the object to be taken. They are recommended on grippers and on all EOAT (End of arm tooling) where there is a need for adaptation of the suction cup with convex, concave or shaped surfaces.

Vuototecnica guarantee a long lifespan of the components and easy maintenance. All products allow a large energy savings and are made of high quality materials. Read more: www.vuototecnica.netRobot-giunti

Vuototecnica micro digital vacuum switches: control instruments at very high efficiency

micro_vacuostati_digitaliWhen it is necessary to produce a signal upon reaching a certain degree of vacuum, for safety reasons, for the start of a working cycle or simply to control the grip of the suction cups, Vuototecnica proposes its digital micro vacuum switches.

Perfect for the control of dry air and non-corrosive gases, they are able to provide a very accurate digital signal, to the established value.

To adjust the switching point, just use the adjustment screw on the top of the unit; a red LED, near the screw, indicates the status of the digital signal switching. A very intuitive operation for everyone.

The micro vacuum switches are made of polycarbonate and are constituted by a sensor, an electric circuit and a connector (or a small aluminum collector) with the vacuum connections.

You can request the product in its rotating version, to be able to steer you in the desired position without having to unscrew the vacuum connection.

The connection to the vacuum can be performed via M5 connections, male or female, while the electrical connection via the three-conductor cable wires.

To view data sheets and get more information:

Choosing The Right Octopus

9_008We saw the benefits of Vuototecnica Octopus many times on this blog. The biggest advantage is undoubtedly the fact that you can only change the suction plate for different applications.

The customer then has the option to choose between different suction plates. Here you go.

9_010Standard, on all systems Octopus, are provided PX or P2X plates, covered with a special perforated foam rubber, of two different thicknesses: 15 mm, for the suction plates of the PX series; 30 mm, for special suction plates P2X.

9_009However, it is possible to request, to save energy, even suction plates with shut-off valves inserted in each hole. The shut-off valves, in the absence of the object to be taken or with a faulty grip of the foam rubber, automatically close the intake, preventing the lowering of the degree of vacuum on the remaining holes.

9_012Vuototecnica has also designed special suction plates (PY and P2Y), which have the characteristic to develop, with the same gripping surface, greater strength and to “get a grip” on rough and very irregular surfaces; and also special suction plates (PZ and P2Z), similar to the above, but which, among all, develop the most lifting force with the same gripping surface and the same degree of vacuum. They are made of light alloys and lined with a special perforated sponge rubber, of two different thicknesses.

9_017In order to facilitate the grip of all products with very irregular and flexible surfaces, instead, such as bulk products bags, blisters, skin-film or cardboard boxes, difficult to be handled by suction plates coated with foam rubber, Vuototecnica designed plates with suction cups. The recommended suction cups are the bellows one, able to adapt to all gripping surfaces, following the outlines and movements during lifting, ensuring an easy and secure grip.

Finally, PJ suction plates allow the taking of bags of paper or plastic, containing powders, granules, bulk or liquid products. The particular shapes of the gasket and of the supporting surface let you restrict deformation of the bag during the intake, reducing to a minimum the losses of vacuum and by ensuring the greatest possible gripping.

To be followed by our staff and to choose the suction plate more suitable for you:


Do you need to generate vacuum for your industrial applications?

Vuototecnica has been working for over than 40 years in the industry and offers solutions to all the needs in the field of vacuum generation.

We start from single-stage vacuum generators, based on the Venturi principle, for limited flow rates, right up to multi-stage generators that use compressed air kinetic energy supply, through appropriately sized ejectors in line, before releasing it in atmosphere. At constant flow rate, the latter allow a lower consumption of compressed air.

You can choose the generator depending on pack size that your application requires and on the location where you will install it (on the machine, on the gripping hands, etc …). PVP 05, PVP 2 and PVP 3 for example have the size of a one coin, but great performance!


Some generators, already with suction cups, are real independent gripping units, others are equipped with a vacuum gauge for a direct reading of the vacuum level or have a silencer for more sustainable work environments.

All models are available with ejector for a more rapid release of the suction cups and are easy to assemble and to maintain.
On the blog you can find descriptions of the most popular generators: GVMM series, FVG, MVG, AVG, PVR.


On Vacuum Solutions Catalogue you can also find diagrams and tables that will facilitate your choice: the amount of air sucked from the generators to different vacuum levels, time of evacuation of the generators at different vacuum levels, minimum internal pipe diameter, recommended for generators, and many other useful tools.

Flat round suction cups: perfect grip even on vertical surfaces

1_018 For handling delicate metal panels, Vuototecnica realized the flat round suction cups.

The biggest advantage of these suction cups is that they avoid the sliding on the surface of the load during the setting phase, thanks to their lip: slightly inclined, low and rugged.

The suction cups pads, as well as reducing the air volume, allow to create a support surface that prevents the deformation of the gripping surface and the load from slipping, even when raised in a vertical position.

1_028Flat round suction cups can be assembled without glue, on the anodized aluminum support and blocked by the relative metal ring.

Replace the suction cups is easy, you can also choose the most appropriate mix depending on weather conditions in which you work and the material to be handled.

Read more: