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Coffee is the tonic of the Italian economy and Vuototecnica supports the growth

Coffee is the most popular drink in Italy and it is also a tonic for the economy of the country.

In industrial packaging plants (bags, filters, capsules) Italy compete for the leadership with Switzerland and Germany in a segment of the market worth approximately 200 million euro. “And it is one of the most dynamic investment niches with attractive profit margins, growing of 10% from year to year,” explains to Sole24Ore, Maldarelli Lorenzo, CEO of Gima, a group of Ima packaging society which has 20% of the world market.

In this industry, also Vuototecnica attempted to bring something new to encourage growth and innovation.

In particular, facilitating the packaging of capsules and of the microperforated fabric coffee pods, thanks to the use of BEC Bernoulli suction cups.

As you can see in the video capsules and pods have different shapes and surfaces, uneven, some have tiny holes that in other conditions would be an obstacle for gripping.

This does not happen with Bernoulli suction cups by Vuototecnica, which are able to generate a laminar air flow that arises between them and the object to be taken. So there is no contact in the gripping phase and in this way we also avoids the dust, while in conventional plants which use normal suction pads, we are compelled to clean every week the vacuum circuit due to aspiration of residues.

Furthermore,  BEC suction cups are equipped with pin stabilizers so that the pod / the capsule does not rotate. The stabilizers are in alimentary silicon rubber, totally suitable to the industry.

Bernoulli suction cups by Vuototecnica are operating starting from a minimum supply pressure of 1 bar.

On Vuototecnica website you can find technical specifications and designs.

Modify your vacuum systems for higher efficiency

Vuototecnica not only designs new solutions, also changes low efficiency systems for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Here we present a case of modification. In the video below you can see in action a pick and pack robot.

Vuototecnica engineers improved it for the end customer.

First of all, instead of the previous centralized vacuum system, we assembled a FVG 3 vacuum generator for each suction cup. The customer had in fact the need to eliminate the loss of packages, in the case where they were not present in the gripping area.

FVG 3 generators provide an integrated counter blow that cleans all and facilitates the release of snacks; in addition they are equipped, on their own vacuum connection, with a micro vacuum switch (code 12 05 10P) able to report in real time the loss of a single package. In this way, multi-packs that have an incorrect number of products can be identified in advance and integrated further by the operator, down the line.

Secondly, the suction cups (code 08 40 42S) are perfect for gripping food flow packs. The customer in fact reported that previous suction cups did not fit the typical plastic film extroflexion of these wrappers. With Vuototecnica suction cups, all problems are solved.

Finally, we point out that Vuototecnica FVGs are ideal for this type of in-line applications, as they are lightweight and compact and can be easily mounted in any position.

To learn more about mentioned products and modify your equipment, contact Vuototecnica engineers.

Handling and inserting a robiola cheese pack into its plastic box

Today we introduce you a new application of Octopus, designed with 3D printed customized heads.

In the video below you can see in action a robot handling and inserting a package of robiola cheese into its box.

It would not be possible for Vuototecnica competitors, because the wrapping of the robiola cheese is realized in such a way as to make easier the operations of opening by the consumer and to preserve the taste of the product, but it does not facilitate certain automated stages of packaging in line.

The upper folded edges of the wrapping, in fact, if only manipulated with suction cups or with other types of gripping hands, would tend to open, with the great risk of losing the content during the translation and the deposit into the plastic container.

As you can see, thanks to Vuototecnica special gripping head realized with a 3D printer, shaped and designed in order to eliminate such an event, the robot is able to wrap Robiola without problems: the translatory motion is rapid and the deposit is accurate and there are no unintended loss of product.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Vuototecnica!

Another year has gone, and as usual we find ourselves taking stock of the past few months.

So we remember the people we met, the work we finished and the problems we happily resolved.

And these recollection, we realize that all this would not have been possible without the collaboration of our team, our suppliers and distributors partners throughout Italy and abroad, who were very important to meet the needs of our customers, following projects with great passion.

Everyone goes heartfelt thanks and a handshake in more, at the end of 2016, with best wishes for a sparkling 2017, many meetings and satisfaction.

To those who chose our solutions, to those who helped us to make this concrete, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Vuototecnica Polimarche Racing Team sponsor at Bologna Motor Show

The Bologna Motor Show just closed its doors, a must trade fair for the Italian and International automotive industry.

And, in a sense, we were also there, as a sponsor for Polimarche Racing Team, team of the Polytechnic University of the Marche region who attended the exhibition to showcase Peacock 3 car.

Vuototecnica RVP40 vacuum pumps were in fact used in vacuum infusion and vacuum bagging operations and in the processing of the carbon fiber for this racing car. (We talked about this product in our previous post, if you like to deepen.)

The students engaged with technical excellence in the creation of the prototype. Using basic design principles, sophisticated machinery thanks to University and sponsors, Peacock pushed these guys in the fields of cutting-edge engineering technology in Formula SAE.

Italian excellence and research can only lead to something good. And you, did you visit the booth of Polimarche Racing Team?

Palletizing bags of bulk building materials

In the following video you can see in action Vuototecnica Octopus vacuum gripping  system with PJ plates in the palletizing of bulk building material bags using ABB mechanical arm.

As you can see, the PJ plates ensure a stable and secure grip without tearing or damaging in any way the package of bags, thus avoiding operational downtime and losses.

The gasket and the gripping surface of these plates can limit the deformation of the bag, while also reducing the loss of vacuum to the minimum.

PJ plates are made of anodized aluminum, and have a foam rubber gasket.

The lifting force is calculated considering a minimum vacuum level of -75 Kpa.

Octopus, In addition, as you already know if you follow our blog, allows a fast change of the clamping heads for a quick adaptation to other applications.

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Unrivaled Valves for vacuum regulation

Do you have a suction pump with rotating vanes or a liquid ring pump, impellers with side channels or a lobe pump, and do you need to regulate the vacuum?

Vuototecnica offers vacuum control valves that are characterized by ease of use and excellent seal, with unparalleled features on the market.

When reaching the desired degree of vacuum, atmospheric air enters the circuit thanks to these valves, to avoid the increase of the set value and keep it constant, on circuits with a single vacuum pump and a single use (or more usages at the same degree of vacuum).

The adjustment is achieved by turning the knurled compass in both directions; the thread of the valve, very fine, ensures an accurate calibration.

They also have a sealing gasket in Nitrile or Viton, in case of necessity of use at high temperatures or in presence of chemical agents. The seal is vulcanized directly on the valve pad and it is able to ensure maximum seal to the attainment of the desired degree of vacuum.

On the market are now only available sealed valves, metal on metal, with relative risks of leakage. Which does not happen in the case of Vuototecnica valves.

On request they can be realized in minimum quantities, totally made of stainless steel.

To view the designs and tables of values relating to this solution:

Vuototecnica, back to the future: vacuum solenoid valves, 2-way, directly operated

Vuototecnica was founded in 1975 from a project and a patent brought forward by Giuliano Bosi in the early seventies: vacuum solenoid valves, 2-way, directly operated.

These solenoid valves became over time icon of Vuototecnica ability to look to the experience of the early years and at the same time to innovation and sustainability.

They have not changed significantly from the seventies but their principle of operation can still be revolutionary compared to what is normally offered by competitors.

They consist of an hot molded brass body, in which the connections are formed, of an internal mechanics with double shutter and an actuator driven by an electric coil.

Precisely for this peculiarity, they stands out among all the direct operated solenoid valves on the market, which typically fit, to open the same passages, powers which are up to 3-4 times higher.

Their appearance which is deliberately vintage hides therefore a patented functional principle from 40 years ago but which is extremely innovative and green even today.

(A curiosity for fans: the hexagonal valve was reported within Vuototecnica logo, to enshrine this winning pact between past and future.)

Vuototecnica vacuum solenoid valves, 2-ways, directly operated,  are perfect as a vacuum breaker on board of vacuum packaging machines, degassers and autoclaves.

To know the technical characteristics of this icon, download the Vacuum Solutions catalogue on

The train of the future travels on vacuum

Science fiction has always the ability to anticipate times, and so the books are full of flights of fancy on our future life, which then regularly materialize in our reality. This is not some kind of premonition or magic, but our ability to cultivate ideas to solve the problems of daily life. Something that always fascinated our work here at Vuototecnica.

In this sense the mind of the scientist or of the engineer is not so far from that of a writer, and from these minds was born Hyperloop vactrain, a new means of transport with a very minimal impact to the environment, a magnetic levitation train which travels in a vacuum tunnel.

The system uses the electric propulsion and vacuum in order to accelerate a passenger car or a cargo through a tube in a low pressure environment.

The fully autonomous vehicle levitates slightly above the runway and slip at higher speeds then the aircraft, over long distances. So you eliminate direct emissions, noise, delay, concerns of a possible pilot error.

Big, a Danish company, will present next month in Dubai its Hyperloop One, which can do the long journey of 150 kilometers, the distance between two large cities in the UAE with a few minutes of travel time.

This project finally brings to light the pioneering vision on hyperspeed transport based on vacuum. The idea implies the construction of lines within the tunnel where they would create a vacuum permanent. The vactrains could go up to 6000-8000 km/h (Mach 5-6).

Mini size, maxi efficiency

The miniaturization of components for handling and creating vacuum becomes more and more important, especially in some sectors in which a very small footprint is required, such as in pick and place of small objects.

In the video below you can see in action some Vuototecnica components in glass vials grip for the pharmaceutical industry: PVP05 vacuum generator (we already talked about it  in our previous post), micro cup holders, micro digital vacuum switches (12 05 10) and bellows suction cups with a diameter of grip of only 4 mm (available also with a normal cup).

PVP05 vacuum generator works using Venturi principle and it is particularly suitable for controlling vacuum cups, for gripping and handling non-porous objects and equipment in which the request of the flow is limited.

The micro cup holders are available in different versions, with or without fitting, and are made with quality materials;
stems and springs are in fact made of stainless steel, for added durability.

The micro vacuum switches, excellent for safety reasons, for the start of a working cycle or for the gripper’s control of the suction cups, provide a precise signal to the achievement of a certain degree of vacuum.
They are small, particularly suitable for installation in proximity of the suction cups or where the distribution of vacuum is bound to very reduced spaces.

In combined action, Vuototecnica products are ideal for this application in the Pharma world, but also for other needs of limitation of space, without forgetting the efficiency and stability of the grip, for example for the extraction of small pieces in plastic from the injection-molding presses with suction cups.

To have your miniaturized customized solution, please contact Vuototecnica designers.