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Upgrade Training Meetings with Partner Distributors

Vuotecnica meets its partner distributors in Beverate di Brivio (LC) for upgrading training sessions and for presenting them the new production program (we talk about it in our previous article), these days.

Constant training of  business partners is for Vuototecnica a pride and a fundamental point: it is important to develop the distributor’s theoretical skills and then test them with practical tests in the showroom area.

Vuototecnica knows that the final customer perceives a value when he has a quality product and good service. Given that the product on which Vuototecnica works is the result of continuous research and considers – as we see here on the blog – the most avant-garde materials and projects, it is also essential to focus on service, which is as capillary as possible in the area, with selected business partners that ensure continuous feedback, credibility and excellent application experience for the end customer.

Vuototecnica is convinced that these meetings help, first and foremost, to strengthen this chain and the value of the company, and it is waiting for you for an update to see the new products, if you want.

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Happy Easter to all employees and to our customers!

We work tirelessly to provide our customers with the utmost satisfaction here at Vuototecnica, and this often means full dedication to the projects we are working on, meetings with customers at trade fairs and at our offices. Human contact is the focus of our company.

We want to to honor holidays also for this reason; holidays are a way to share with our family and with our friends the purpose for which we work with passion throughout the rest of the year.

In this time when everything is born again and grows stronger, we are confident that the bonds we built so far become stronger too.

So we wish all employees and our customers an happy Easter!


The new Vuototecnica Production Programme is online: download it now!

Following the blog these past months, you noticed surely that Vuototecnica worked on new projects, providing new and implemented solutions in all areas of application.

To give you a guide, with details on the updated product range, we decided to produce a brochure on the current production program: one hundred new pages in which we present the innovations along with leading products, in addition to the Vacuum Solutions catalogue.

You will find some new suction cups, the new multi-function vacuum generators, Octopus gripping heads tailored using a 3D printer, and more.

The brochure is eye-catching and the content provides new images, and texts translated into five different languages.

Vuototecnica never fails to amaze and once again we are confident that, after browsing the brochure, you will be excited about the the shown solutions.

Request a a copy to or download it directly from the website; please feel free to write your comments and questions below!


Octopus handling granite tiles

In the following video you can see in action a Vuototecnica standard Octopus  system, SO 40 40 X, handling granite tiles.

The manufacturer integrated Octopus in a very simple and effective way.

Octopus is fixed to the automatism, powered by a pneumatic vacuum generator, mounted on the head.

A compressed air supply valve feeds the generator, activating and deactivating the gripping.

The movement is smooth, fast and secure, as you can see.

There is no load losses; Octopus works even when the gripping surface takes only 5% of the suction surface and in one movement it is possible to carry glossy tiles and raw tiles.

You can also note how Octopus is able to take different types of granite tiles, when the surface is smooth and when it is irregular, there are no differences.

The flexibility of Vuototecnica vacuum gripping system is no longer a mystery.

The most surprising thing is that the whole application works with only 2-3 bar pressure. So the manufacturer was able to save compressed air.

Vuototecnica contributes to energy savings

At the basis of an energetically efficient production process and highest performances there is an optimized manipulation solution.

Vuototecnica knows it well, so any application that creates for its customers always considers the efficiency.

And efficiency means energy savings, with no waste.

The engineering of Vuototecnica  products considers above all the quality of materials that allows them a longer lifetime, therefore, for many applications there is no need to change ejectors and vacuum cups frequently. All pieces are resistant over time and always effective.

This is the case for example of Vuototecnica holders with shut-off valves – we have already discussed their benefits here on the blog –  and of vacuum regulators, able to maintain the degree of vacuum in a constant manner, or of pneumatic PA/PS pumps that allow you to save up to 40% of compressed air and of AVG energy-saving vacuum generators.

Flipping through the catalogue is really hard not to come across products that do not pay attention to sustainability.

We invite you to do so and to contact Vuototecnica designers to find the right solution for you!


Solutions for handling metal sheets in contact with oils, greases and petrols

From May 17 to 20, the appointment is in Rho (MI), at Lamiera, the international event dedicated to the industry of machine tools and to all the innovative technologies related to the metal sheet industry.

Vuototecnica provides companies in this sector solutions for the handling of metal sheets in contact with oils, greases and fuels, such as Maxigrip suction cups.

With a high coefficient of friction, the Maxigrip are produced in BENZ compound, a chlorine resistant material that is in the oils for the molding and deep drawing of the metal sheets; and the liquids are drained thanks to their gripping lip, on all surfaces: plane, concave and convex surfaces.

They do not deform or leave marks and are extremely respectful of the load.

They are available in different configurations (flat, bellows, elliptical) and in different sizes.

They have a wide range of accessories (reductions, couplings, adapters and articulated joints) and they can be adapted to any robot.

The Maxigrip can be combined with different solutions for the generation of vacuum, as the modular multi-function vacuum generators.

These generators were created for the assembly to MI intermediate modules, with the simple use of screws and without the need for external manifolds for compressed air distribution.

Their modularity makes them ideally suited to serve groups of suction cups that operate at different times on board of a single gripping robot hand.

It is in fact possible to request the GVMM and the MI, in the number and with the suction flow rates you desire, already assembled together, or to assemble one or more MI to an already installed GVMM.

The GVMM can totally be opened and inspected, starting from the distributor suction filter. They can be installed anywhere.

They have a great suction capacity and can save compressed air. The generator creates the vacuum only when needed, with the activation of a micro-solenoid valve. When the vacuum reaches the maximum degree, the vacuum switch acts on the electric solenoid coil to interrupt the power supply, which is restored only when the degree of vacuum falls below the minimum value. You can also use another signal from the vacuum switch, independent from the first, to start the cycle when the vacuum degree is suitable for use. In absence of power supply, it has an integrated check valve for maintaining the degree of vacuum in the circuit.

The GVMM and the related MI are available with minimum suction flow rates of 3 mc/h and a maximum of 14 mc/h, and a maximum degree of vacuum of -85 KPa.

All the vacuum generation modules are equipped with a second micro-solenoid valve for the management of the blow-off to the suction cups to speed up the phase of release but also for cleaning pipes in dusty applications.

The blow-off is adjustable, in air flow, through the appropriate adjustment screw integrated in GVMM and MI modules.

Upon request, the GVMM and MI modules can be supplied with an Energy Saving cable, studied in order to put in dialogue the digital vacuum switch 12 10 10 with the micro-pneumatic solenoid valve which feeds the venturi; so it acts only and exclusively for maintaining a degree of vacuum that is established inside of the suction cups.

In a context of manipulation of non-porous objects, such as with a metal sheet, the use of an Energy Saving cable, with GVMM and MI modules can arrive to ensure a saving of 70-80% of compressed air, for the generation of vacuum.

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Logo and identification code on each Vuototecnica suction cup: beware of imitations!

The quality of a product depends on the guarantees that the brand is able to give over time to customers, on the effectiveness of the solutions.

For this reason Vuototecnica is keen to mark each product, including suction cups, with the logo and the identification code. Vuototecnica makes a promise to the customer through this identification.

It is a mark of recognizability that allows customers to immediately identify potential false or imitation, which are not Vuototecnica manufacturing.

If you were standing in front of a fake, the quality would not be the same. It would be like purchasing a fake Rolex: it might work but, before our eyes, day after day, we would see the difference in features and functionality, and above all the lifetime is not guaranteed.

Always check the logo and identification code are carried on each product!

And if you have any doubts please contact us.

Coffee is the tonic of the Italian economy and Vuototecnica supports the growth

Coffee is the most popular drink in Italy and it is also a tonic for the economy of the country.

In industrial packaging plants (bags, filters, capsules) Italy compete for the leadership with Switzerland and Germany in a segment of the market worth approximately 200 million euro. “And it is one of the most dynamic investment niches with attractive profit margins, growing of 10% from year to year,” explains to Sole24Ore, Maldarelli Lorenzo, CEO of Gima, a group of Ima packaging society which has 20% of the world market.

In this industry, also Vuototecnica attempted to bring something new to encourage growth and innovation.

In particular, facilitating the packaging of capsules and of the microperforated fabric coffee pods, thanks to the use of BEC Bernoulli suction cups.

As you can see in the video capsules and pods have different shapes and surfaces, uneven, some have tiny holes that in other conditions would be an obstacle for gripping.

This does not happen with Bernoulli suction cups by Vuototecnica, which are able to generate a laminar air flow that arises between them and the object to be taken. So there is no contact in the gripping phase and in this way we also avoids the dust, while in conventional plants which use normal suction pads, we are compelled to clean every week the vacuum circuit due to aspiration of residues.

Furthermore,  BEC suction cups are equipped with pin stabilizers so that the pod / the capsule does not rotate. The stabilizers are in alimentary silicon rubber, totally suitable to the industry.

Bernoulli suction cups by Vuototecnica are operating starting from a minimum supply pressure of 1 bar.

On Vuototecnica website you can find technical specifications and designs.

Modify your vacuum systems for higher efficiency

Vuototecnica not only designs new solutions, also changes low efficiency systems for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Here we present a case of modification. In the video below you can see in action a pick and pack robot.

Vuototecnica engineers improved it for the end customer.

First of all, instead of the previous centralized vacuum system, we assembled a FVG 3 vacuum generator for each suction cup. The customer had in fact the need to eliminate the loss of packages, in the case where they were not present in the gripping area.

FVG 3 generators provide an integrated counter blow that cleans all and facilitates the release of snacks; in addition they are equipped, on their own vacuum connection, with a micro vacuum switch (code 12 05 10P) able to report in real time the loss of a single package. In this way, multi-packs that have an incorrect number of products can be identified in advance and integrated further by the operator, down the line.

Secondly, the suction cups (code 08 40 42S) are perfect for gripping food flow packs. The customer in fact reported that previous suction cups did not fit the typical plastic film extroflexion of these wrappers. With Vuototecnica suction cups, all problems are solved.

Finally, we point out that Vuototecnica FVGs are ideal for this type of in-line applications, as they are lightweight and compact and can be easily mounted in any position.

To learn more about mentioned products and modify your equipment, contact Vuototecnica engineers.

Handling and inserting a robiola cheese pack into its plastic box

Today we introduce you a new application of Octopus, designed with 3D printed customized heads.

In the video below you can see in action a robot handling and inserting a package of robiola cheese into its box.

It would not be possible for Vuototecnica competitors, because the wrapping of the robiola cheese is realized in such a way as to make easier the operations of opening by the consumer and to preserve the taste of the product, but it does not facilitate certain automated stages of packaging in line.

The upper folded edges of the wrapping, in fact, if only manipulated with suction cups or with other types of gripping hands, would tend to open, with the great risk of losing the content during the translation and the deposit into the plastic container.

As you can see, thanks to Vuototecnica special gripping head realized with a 3D printer, shaped and designed in order to eliminate such an event, the robot is able to wrap Robiola without problems: the translatory motion is rapid and the deposit is accurate and there are no unintended loss of product.

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