Solutions for handling metal sheets in contact with oils, greases and petrols


From May 17 to 20, the appointment is in Rho (MI), at Lamiera, the international event dedicated to the industry of machine tools and to all the innovative technologies related to the metal sheet industry.

Vuototecnica provides companies in this sector solutions for the handling of metal sheets in contact with oils, greases and fuels, such as Maxigrip suction cups.

With a high coefficient of friction, the Maxigrip are produced in BENZ compound, a chlorine resistant material that is in the oils for the molding and deep drawing of the metal sheets; and the liquids are drained thanks to their gripping lip, on all surfaces: plane, concave and convex surfaces.

They do not deform or leave marks and are extremely respectful of the load.

They are available in different configurations (flat, bellows, elliptical) and in different sizes.

They have a wide range of accessories (reductions, couplings, adapters and articulated joints) and they can be adapted to any robot.

The Maxigrip can be combined with different solutions for the generation of vacuum, as the modular multi-function vacuum generators.

These generators were created for the assembly to MI intermediate modules, with the simple use of screws and without the need for external manifolds for compressed air distribution.

Their modularity makes them ideally suited to serve groups of suction cups that operate at different times on board of a single gripping robot hand.

It is in fact possible to request the GVMM and the MI, in the number and with the suction flow rates you desire, already assembled together, or to assemble one or more MI to an already installed GVMM.

The GVMM can totally be opened and inspected, starting from the distributor suction filter. They can be installed anywhere.

They have a great suction capacity and can save compressed air. The generator creates the vacuum only when needed, with the activation of a micro-solenoid valve. When the vacuum reaches the maximum degree, the vacuum switch acts on the electric solenoid coil to interrupt the power supply, which is restored only when the degree of vacuum falls below the minimum value. You can also use another signal from the vacuum switch, independent from the first, to start the cycle when the vacuum degree is suitable for use. In absence of power supply, it has an integrated check valve for maintaining the degree of vacuum in the circuit.

The GVMM and the related MI are available with minimum suction flow rates of 3 mc/h and a maximum of 14 mc/h, and a maximum degree of vacuum of -85 KPa.

All the vacuum generation modules are equipped with a second micro-solenoid valve for the management of the blow-off to the suction cups to speed up the phase of release but also for cleaning pipes in dusty applications.

The blow-off is adjustable, in air flow, through the appropriate adjustment screw integrated in GVMM and MI modules.

Upon request, the GVMM and MI modules can be supplied with an Energy Saving cable, studied in order to put in dialogue the digital vacuum switch 12 10 10 with the micro-pneumatic solenoid valve which feeds the venturi; so it acts only and exclusively for maintaining a degree of vacuum that is established inside of the suction cups.

In a context of manipulation of non-porous objects, such as with a metal sheet, the use of an Energy Saving cable, with GVMM and MI modules can arrive to ensure a saving of 70-80% of compressed air, for the generation of vacuum.

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